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Morning & Bedtime Routine Chart (Free Download)

Morning and Bedtime Routine Chart Template - Girl Mornings and evenings can be the most difficult times for children to focus on the many things which need to be accomplished. Mornings are foreshortened by the necessities of arriving at school and work on time. Evenings are obviously the time of day when children are the most disorganized and fatigued.

Having a clearly outlined routine dictated not by the parent but set out as the child’s personal responsibilities can be a great aid.


  • Templates
  • Images and photos
  • Paper
  • Printer


  • Download templates
  • Customize templates with images familiar to your child
    • Search online for clipart and pictures and delve into family photos which roughly correspond to the individual elements of your child’s mornings and evenings and drop into the template
    • Shorten the routine or lengthen it depending on your circumstances
  • Place in an area clearly visible to the child at her eye level
  • If the child is confused, resistant or dawdling direct her to consult her chart
  • Praise her efforts as she accomplishes each task, even if not always in the correct sequence
  • Also speak with her about how each steps builds towards a goal
    • In the morning, getting to school in a timely manner without frustration and rushing
    • In the evening, ending the day calmly so as to enjoy the time spent together reading books or listening to lullabies, etc. which will lead to a restful sleep and energy for the following day


  • Other families have had success with charts composed of photos of their children accomplishing each task
  • You can also set a timer to the chart and ask your child to beat the clock
    • Perhaps even but a box below each chart element for your child to check off, giving them an even greater sense of responsibility and hence accomplishment once the task is complete
  • For the pre-literate child you can leave out the numerals and words
    • But I find that having the numerals and words provides consistency across siblings and is another chance to practice reading and recognition
  • For the older child, have her compose her own routine chart, within reason in the order she finds logical, as long as all elements are accomplished
    • This allows her to have ownership over the process which should lead to smoother mornings and evenings