Reflection: After 2 Years

When I first set up this website two years ago it was an experiment. It was a chance to use a part of my brain that was not getting much exercise during my daily grind as a Mama.

Would I use it as an archive of my day to day life as a mother and home-maker? Would it serve as a creative outlet? Would it inspire me? Would it inspire & help others? Would I be able to keep up a schedule of posting articles on a regular basis? Would doing so become a chore? Would I get bored?

After two years of doing - this - I have some answers.

Being the overly meticulous person that I am, I have been able to maintain a consistent schedule. But I also have gotten bored and there have been occasions when posting articles has felt like a chore.  The site has served as a partial diary of my daily life and allowed me to take my creativity beyond just making but also sharing & teaching.

Has producing this website inspired me? If I am being honest, no. Have I inspired or helped others? I don’t know.

I want to be able to yes & yes to those two questions. So how do I make that happen?

First, I will be enabling comments on the website very soon. Not only to get feedback but also to build a community among my visitors. I know people can be mean especially when allowed to hide behind anonymity so I am still deciding whether to allow anonymous comments.

Second, I have been reflecting on why doing this website has not been “enough” to inspire me. Thus far I have merely been chronicling things which happen organically in my life. The website has been trailing behind my life.

But if I am going to devote what precious little free time I have to something, I want that something to be not only more tangibly satisfying but more forward-thinking. These are my motivations for opening an etsy store  but more importantly, these are the motivations which will change not only the atmosphere of my articles but the frequency and content.

In the coming weeks, I will be creating original content for this website. This will continue to include articles about food, crafts, kids’ activities, etc. In addition, I hope to add thought pieces, creative writing, helpful guides and more web-curated content.

There were times when I was posting upwards of 4 articles a week and usually never fewer than 2 but as I work to find a new and more original groove, I expect to post at least once a week and hopefully more often as I become more inspired.

  • Here’s to inspiration,
  • Junemee