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The Road to Happiness & Success (Free Download & Templates)

When you are trying to raise your child to be intrinsically-motivated (rather than extrinsically-motivated) and process-oriented (rather than results-oriented) there will be times when she is discouraged.

Many kids are perfectionists and balk at problems, fear failure or worry about making mistakes.

And for the young elementary-aged child, sometimes it can be hard to conceptualize how forming good habits in the present will help her reach her goals.

I have many discussions with my daughter (6yrs old) about how mistakes and failures and learning from mistakes and failures are crucial to self-growth.

Conversations are important and so are tangible and visual representations of these concepts. For my daughter I created this Roadmap to Happiness & Success for her to color and fill in.

This worksheet is a wonderful way to start a dialogue and can serve as a point of reference for your child when there are times of disappointment. She will be able to see that failure is just one of many steps on the road to happiness. 


  • Download preformatted road to happiness and success worksheet and print out
    • Present to your child after having a conversation about what the worksheet represents
  • Or download the road to template file and customize to your needs




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