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Watercolor Autumn Leaves (Free Download)

I know in many parts of the country leaves have long since fallen but here in Northern California, we are still enjoying trees ablaze. 

After gathering fallen leaves and admiring all the different hues, my kids wanted to do autumn leaf watercoloring.

Here are five pages of free leaf templates which you can print and color not only with paints but any medium you have handy.

Rather than print  directly onto watercolor paper, I decided to hand trace the leaves in various combinations onto the paper. Because the watercolor paper was thick, I traced  the patterns onto the waterpaper with a sharpie marker, against a sunny window so that I could more clearly see the leaf patterns.


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  • download template
  • trace templates onto watercolor paper and paint
  • use gathered leaves as inspiration for the paint colors or allow your child to venture away from naturally occurring colors for a more neon or unusual color scheme


  • print templates onto printer paper and color with crayons, markers or colored pencils
  • cut painted leaves out and crate a paper wreath

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