Wetsuits for Kids

​My kids spent a lot of time this summer in their wetsuits and people often ask me about them.

My children don’t actually have traditional swimsuits/swim-trunks. Whether it is swimming at the pool or going to the beach their wear wetsuits.

In part because they provide more sun protection, in part because the pool and the ocean can be cool or downright freezing here in northern california and the wetsuits provide some insulation and though not a a primary reason, they are more modest.

Perhaps the only disadvantage are wetsuit tan lines.

My kids wear the stingray brand in short-sleeve but there are lots of options out there from full body to tank-styles.

Aqua Sphere Stingray Core Warmer, Short-Sleeve Aqua Sphere Stingray Core Warmer, Long-Sleeve

Hyperflex Children’s ACCESS 2mm Back Zip Spring O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor Toddler Spring Wetsuit Speedo Kids’ UPF 50+ Begin to Swim Thermal Swimsuit

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