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Dirty Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day

Tulips for days

Sometimes flowers are just what you need to dispel the gloom and tulips are one of my favorite flowers, not only for their beauty, their affordability and the way they change from day to day.

Two Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

Toddler attention spans can vary a great deal from child to child, so I cannot guarantee that these two activities will occupy your toddler for hours at a time but I will say that for the few or many minutes she is engaged in these activities, she will be exercising something very important - fine motor skills.

Learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Children should learn the meanings behind holiday commemorations. The depth and details of the explanations will of course be different depending on the age of the child but even the youngest children benefit from understanding why we have a “day off from school and work”. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, here are my recommendations for accessible books for preschoolers and elementary-aged children.

Reorganizing our Workroom Shelves

The new year is a great time to re-energize, reorganize and reassess your surroundings. My kids spend a great deal of their day in their workroom and so I am always rearranging and reorganizing to make it as useful and engaging as possible. I was lucky enough to snag some free Land of Nod bookshelves to replace a single, dark wood shelf which was too heavy for the space. The room is now much lighter and airier. And since the shelves are lower, more items are at eye-level and arm’s reach of the kids.

Be Brave, Be Kind Pendant

Even change engendered by rage, hatred & anger can lead to good as long as we are vigilant and pro-active. You should never stop believing in your own intrinsic goodness and self-worth no matter what others say, no matter what they do. You are on a journey towards integrity, truth and wisdom. You are an ally.

Reflection: After 2 Years

When I first set up this website two years ago it was an experiment. It was a chance to use a part of my brain that was not getting much exercise during my daily grind as a Mama. Would I use it as an archive of my day to day life as a mother and home-maker? Would it serve as a creative outlet? Would it inspire me? Would it inspire others? Would I be able to keep up a schedule of posting articles on a regular basis? Would doing so become a chore? Would I get bored?

Mindful Parenting in a Bowl

Print out this list of nurturing phrases, cut each phrase so it is on its own individual slip of paper and place into a glass bowl. Each morning pick out a slip of paper and keep it in and on your mind for the day until you have an opportunity to use it with your child.

S.T.E.M. Toy Recommendation: Straws & Connectors, etc.

Who looks happier? My daughter after completing this project or Elmo ridin’ stylish in his jet plane. Such a simple concept - straws & connectors with so many imaginative possibilities.

Kids (and Grownups) Love a Blanket Fort

What kid doesn’t love a blanket fort? And for that matter what grownup wouldn’t want to sneak in a little fort time for themselves?

amidst the rubble, a roller coaster gem

This is why I love having legos readily available in our workroom. Because you walk into the room and find some mini-fig firefighters having the time of their lives on a roller coaster. Woooooooooo!

Kids Activity: Painting at the Easel

Painting at an easel for a child can be very liberating. Not only is it comfortable for the child but it promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Fine Motor Activity: Exploring a Wallet

Want a super simple fine motor skills activity for your toddler? Ever notice that your child always wants to rifle through your wallet? Well, grab an unused wallet, fill it with old cards and offer it to your toddler. Finally, the forbidden wallet-fruit is in her grasp and she will be exercising her fine motor skills.

Reading Recommendation: Fantasy Chapter Book Series

I’ve mentioned it many times but my eldest daughter is a voracious reader and these days she is particularly enamored with fantastical stories. Perhaps your kids are looking for magical reading? If so, here are some great titles.

Kids Activity: Keeping a Journal

I wish I coude Fly / It Seems fun to Be a Berd and Fly In the Sky / I wish I coude Fly / not like in an airplane not in in a Hot air Balloon / like I have wings that Flap in the Sky / I wish I coude Fly